Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and many people find themselves on the wrong side of fortune and in need of help. In some instances, the consequences are so dire that they can negatively alter the course of someoneís life, impacting their loved ones as well. When your future is on the line, you must not compromise the quality of legal representation you elect to help you get what you deserve.

The Law Offices of Reginald Estell, Jr., P.A. offer services to the city of Jacksonville, Florida and beyond, concentrating on victims of personal injuries, wrongful death, or in need of criminal defense. These are all instances where lives and livelihoods are in question, and Reginald has the interpersonal and professional skills needed to represent your case successfully.

As a personal injury attorney, Reginald has worked with victims of physical or mental injuries resulting from another personís negligence or harmful acts, such as:

Victims of personal injuries work with personal injury attorney Reginald to receive compensation towards money owed for damages and expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Such expenses can be medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, physical disability, disfigurement, permanent scars, mental disability, and so on. These are all severe conditions that follow traumatic personal injury events.It is crucial that you enlist the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer such as Reginald. He can take the details of your case and present them in the best way possible so that you can recover what you deserve, close this tragic chapter in your life and move forward.

Reginald Estell, Jr., P.A. is also a wrongful death attorney. If the extent of a tragic incident was not just bodily harm but caused the death of a loved one, then you have the right to receive compensation on behalf of the departed. Cases of wrongful death refer to situations where a fatality occurs due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional acts of another person or company. There are many contexts in which these incidences occur. Reginaldís experience as a wrongful death lawyer will help the bereaved demonstrate that the death of their loved one was a result of these types of actions. He will help them to recover medical and funeral expenses, loss of the deceasedís earnings, mental anguish, and much more. The aftereffects of these types of incidences are just as severe as the initial loss itself since they can affect the bereaved for a lifetime. When tragedy strikes, Reginald will help you understand what the law can do to help you recover from your losses.

Reginald also specializes as a successful criminal defense lawyer. Criminal accusations are extremely serious and often complemented with severe fines and prison sentences. Depending on the offense, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. Aside from the stigma of owning a felony conviction on your record, nothing quite destabilizes a life like having to enter into the prison system. Reginald Estell, Jr., P.A. will analyze your case give you the type of representation that you deserve.

Reginald takes on cases involving drug crimes, domestic violence, burglary defense, DUIs, and sex offenses, all of which carry grave punishments. As a person who is innocent until proven guilty, it is well within your right to defend yourself. Do not make the mistake of defaulting to the public defender - Reginald has the knowledge and experience your case needs to work towards a fair and successful trial.

The law offices of Reginald Estell, Jr., P.A., are based in Jacksonville, Florida, but his services are also available to the areas of Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Lakeside, Jacksonville Beach, Palm Valley, Palatka, and the Palm Coast communities. Call today for a free consultation. Whether you need a criminal defense attorney, a personal injury attorney, or a wrongful death attorney, Reginald will professionally and skillfully represent your case and increase your chances of moving forward and onward with your life. If you are facing injustice, then make the best decision possible toward rectifying it - contact Reginald, and he will offer the scope of his expertise to help you.

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